About Us

Our Vision



To be one of the most admired companies in the service industry. To do this, we must earn the respect and admiration of clients and employees alike and we must never compromise our relationships for short-term gain. In order to build lasting relationships, we must recognize and appreciate the trust which employees and clients place in us.

For Sterling Industries, the client is No.1, which is why we understand the importance of cultivating an ethos of customer service excellence among our team. Most importantly, we recognize that, for our employees to provide excellent customer service, they must carry themselves with the same respect and caring attitude that Sterling Industries extends to clients.

Brandon Sterling

Founder and CEO


Brandon has significant experience in all aspects of the Power Generation Industry and is personally dedicated to energy efficiency in the power generation market.

Having been all over the world for the highest quality Power Generation training, this has allowed Sterling Industries to be certified to assist a vast majority of customers.

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