Safety Is Not An Option, It's Imperative

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The most common factors for onsite injuries are due to inexperience and complacencies. A safe workplace doesn’t happen by accident; it takes effort and planning. Sterling Industries has a policy revolving around providing a safe workplace environment for our workers and subcontractors. The safety and loss prevention program is designed with this goal in mind and is the shared responsibility of every worker and subcontractor. We have an extensive hiring process and a comprehensive safety plan that addresses every aspect of safety. We have had zero incidents of consequence since our business began. We’re proud of that, and we never forget that it takes constant work to ensure that doesn’t change.

We recognize that words are not enough to prove how important safety is to us. Along with constant self-audit, we maintain our Certificate of Recognition (COR). We are proud to maintain a Workers Compensation Board (WCB) account that is in good standing, and can provide clearance letters upon request.

Remember, government regulations are law. If the company, workers or subcontractors fail to comply with the regulations, the officers of the company and/or subcontractors, supervisors or workers will be held accountable and may be prosecuted. Thus, maintaining a safe work site is everyone’s responsibility and is in your best interest. Observe the law and work safely.


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